Top Online Gambling Rules to Live by

You are a compulsive gambler when you think of betting all the time and all you ever want is to spend your money. An obsessive gambler continues to bet money whether he or she wins or loses. Simply put, a gambler cannot keep himself from placing bets. download mega888 apk

How do you recognize this type of gambler? This can be very challenging because most of the time this type of person can be very enigmatic. Nobody will see how heavily indebted he is except himself and not even those close to him.

Indicators of a compulsive gambler are classified into four categories: psychological distress, physical signs, social challenges and most of all financial struggles.

Psychological distress is brought about by depression, suicidal tendencies, and strong feelings of guilt, suspicions and inferiority complex. Physical signs are headache, weariness, shaking, sleeping disorders, extreme perspiration, memory loss and gastrointestinal problems.

Obsessive gamblers do not function well in social settings; they are withdrawn and secretive and end up inaccessible from friends.

A compulsive gambler often denies or tends to play down the addiction. Compulsive gambling will lead a person to scrounge for money from other people or from other places. This can lead to indebtedness which are often left unpaid and could be a cause of friction between family and friends.

A gambler will also make false statements where he or she has been or what he/she has been up to. This will give you reason to suspect of what he or she is engaged in.



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